Appaloosa 2018 deliveries, and 2019 plans 🚀

As a new year has just begun, let us take a quick tour of Appaloosa’s product evolutions over 2018 and a few of our upcoming projects for 2019.

As a new year has just begun, let us take a quick tour of Appaloosa’s product evolutions over 2018 and a few of our upcoming projects for 2019.

Last year, product team juggled with a whole bunch of technical and functional topics.

New Backoffice Interface set as default

First of all, after a long teasing and testing period, we eventually set the new backoffice interface as default. It took a certain effort to rebuild a consistent and convenient UX/UI for every little features backported from the old to the new backoffice interface. Obviously, this was the opportunity to refactor backend code. You can now enjoy Appaloosa’s new UI as admin until the depths of the product. For techies, we chose ember.js as front end framework.

Speaking of change, please note that our old backoffice interface will terminated late Q1–2019. Should you not see your favorite feature in the new interface, please let us know at

iOS MAM online configuration

We have always pledged for a balanced Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. In practice, this is often enabled with a softer Mobile App Management (MAM) configuration on your employees’ devices — way lighter than traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) setups. With Appaloosa’s admin interface, you can now easily set up and deploy our MAM Profile on iOS devices. Once you have your Apple certificates in hand, it can be completed in 4 clicks.

End-user activation

End-user adoption is key to any mobile app deployment project. Since last summer, administrators can select an option in their settings to automatically resend an invitation email to join their store, to all end-users that are still inactive after 30 days.

Actual click rate of this reactivation email is 17.8% : enabling project managers to generate incremental engagement on their mobile apps.

Revisited on-boarding

App test & deployment projects are complex projects. Our goal is to make it simpler. We introduced a new trial access and a onboarding service to ease your first contact with our platformWe made good use of the Hubspot/Appcues duo to better qualify your needs.

Specific authentication methods

Large organisations might need to connect Appaloosa to their standard user directory, with a specific Single Sign On (SSO) method. With this connection, creating or connecting a new user to one’s store remains a simple task. In 2018, we raised our expertise in the configuration of different SSO services such as SAML and OAuth2 for specific clients that needed to interface with Active Directory, or LDAP.

Technical support

We also had great time alongside our new clients on specific Proof Of Concept (POC) projects. Securing our code, quick impediments fixing and reactive technical support to customer success management team has been a key factor to sound collaboration.

In 2018, support team recruitment and organisation allowed us to reach an average time of ticket closing in 1h21m, with a first answer median time of 22m. Every day, two members of the technical team are attached to our Customer Success Manager, so that you benefit from quality answers in the blink of an eye.

Mobile install agent program — Beta

As you probably know, Android Enterprise and iOS releases are not always so easy to catch up. Especially when it comes to on-boarding new end-users. Settings and authorization pop-ups, in great numbers, are difficult to avoid. Late 2018, our mobile team worked on a more user friendly approach.

It consists of getting aboard from a new app, different from actual [webview x native store] combo. This “install agent” can be installed from public Apple App Store and Google Play. It aims to reduce end-user friction with on-boarding steps.

For more information about this beta program, please ask for access at, we will be happy to setup a demo for you.

2019 : what are YOUR challenges ?

Freeing the working world through mobile users empowerment is quite a big deal.
And since we know that mobility in your organisation is an enormous and complex subject, it is our first concern to give it an attentive ear.

What are YOUR daily concerns ? What do YOU plan for next quarter ? Next semester ? How do YOU bet mobility will evolve during the coming years ?

As much as you probably do, at Appaloosa we work, lunch and sleep around those concerns. Let’s tackle them together.

To do so, let us introduce you to your Wall Of Wishes.

This wall is an aggregation of your short, middle and long term challenges.

By writing or commenting challenges on this wall, you help us understand how Appaloosa can help you. It is the place where we deeply talk about problems, so that we can deliver great solutions. Eventually, it aims to be our best source of inspiration for new features.

In a sense, we would be delighted to see a community get together on this wall and contribute to MAM industry improvements. In advance, thank you for your contribution.

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