Spotify for pets ?!

Yep, you read it well hahaha! Spotify for pets. Two days ago, music streaming leader Spotify launched an automated playlist maker designed to please your beloved animal. They describe it as « An algorithmically created playlist based on your listening habits and your pet’s attributes, so it’s music you both can enjoy.« 
I’ve tested the setup, it’s quite nice!
What about the overall experience? Would you qualify it as a buzz feature?

For now, this funny tool is made for iguanas, dogs, birds, cats and hamsters. Once you’ve selected what type of room-mate you live with, you’re to answer 3 questions around their personality. So that, we suppose, the issued playlist fits even better with the atmosphere of your living room. The same attributes are used for all animals: energy, shyness and curiosity.

In the end, you get a 30-songs playlist that mixes your preferences and discoveries (50% of the artists/musics that were playlisted were already in my library).
But does it really adapt the playlist to the pet’s attributes?

Does it work?

Yes it does!

With the same CAT, I’ve tested 2 different sets of answers. The first one, qualified as APATHETIC, SHY and RELAX. The second one, qualified as CURIOUS, ENERGETIC, FRIENDLY. Here’s the comparison below.

Indeed, I would definitely agree that artists and musics in the two playlists have opposed style and atmosphere.
The first one stars tracks that I would qualify as relaxing, dreamy, blurry or chilly. Musically speaking, they can be defined with : low tempo (70 to 100BPM), poetic, dramatic, sad or elegiac musical phrases (e.g. Am-F-C-G)…
– But the second one is radically different and offers songs I would qualify as exciting, boosting, happy or groovy. Musically speaking, they can be defined with : high tempo (100 to 140BPM), smily, happy or positive chords sequence (e.g. C-E-G)…
These are the data Spotify relies on in order to qualify their music genre and suggest to the right playlist. We’ll try to dig that matter in an other article.

Note that there’s a smart function in the algorithm that prevents it from suggesting twice the same content with the same data set. I’ve tested it 2 times with the same cat and the same attributes: the playlists had the same style, but not the same artists and musics.

Why this feature?

Spotify has proven many times being king in terms of retention. The paid service churn rate barely crosses the 20%. And 250 millions active users are at stake all around the world. As we can guess, this buzz feature is not supported by scientific background or any promise that your pets will feel better with the playlist. This new service aims at activating pet owners of all Spotify subscribers and even pet owners that haven’t tried the streaming service yet.
Plus, could you imagine how easy it is for any digital marketer to identify pet owners on social networks. Engagement around pet content is very easy to spot. As a product manager, I probably would think this feature as a conversion or retention lever that would go along a digital acquisition campaign targeting pet owners.

Let me know what you think 😉 Cheers !
PS : here are the two playlists: Energetic, Friendly, Curious / Relax, Shy, Apathic

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