A tiny micro-scope to watch huge topics

What focus for this micro-scope?

For now, mostly Product Management and Design, I think. Amazing stuff pops out all around and every day. Let’s dissect a few topics!

Never been much into personal blogging, but I guess time has come! I definitely needed a place to write down some thoughts. To gather some work-related stuff. For now, I think we’re going to dig into these few soils:

  • New products with UI & UX reviews, for sure
  • Basic and advanced product management issues
  • Ethics in product management – which I really want to shake down as much as possible
  • Personal work portfolio
  • Maybe a bit of music & sport as well, we’ll see that later

The name « micro-scope » can tell a bit about how I feel about our technological and professional environment today: it is so wide and deep at the same time, that no one can pretend to master their domain entirely.
To me, the only way to remain relevant in this fantastic mess is to look precisely into very small scopes.
In a sense, focusing on a small width of knowledge might lead to a deeper understanding of it. Vertically speaking.
But sometimes we’ll take off for an overview of what we’ve learned so far. In order to put everything together and try to understand and appreciate the whole issue more horizontally.

Enjoy the reading 🙂


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