Pro goals for 2020 🎯

Happy New Yeaaaaar !! May 2020 bring you the best both in your personal and professional life 🥰

Here are few lines to have a look back on 2019 and talk about 2020. In mid-2019 I had my first official steps as a freelancer. Here are some major achievements that I’d like to sum up, as source of learnings and self motivation for next year!

Blogging’s so cooool

I launched this personal blog with a specific focus on music and tech related topics. 8 articles have driven 500 unique visitors. I had an amazing help from Product fellows and reader friends to improve both writing style, sourcing and argumentation, many thanks to you guys 🙏🏻.

As a short feedback, I confirmed this year that blogging is an amazing source of professional and personal new inputs. An amazing source of learning. It helps structuring your thoughts and your professional positioning. Even if readers don’t show: go for it, write and post. You’ll see what it brings later.

🎯I will write at least 2 times more article next year. In the same editorial style, I will try to dig deep into product, go-to-market and design issues related to music apps, softwares and devices.

I will also increase the pace of small publications to give you relevant and up-to-date piece of information around music-tech news. I will try to cover both major industry actors (Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Pandora, Resident Advisor,…) and minor emergent products or trends (Soundtrap, Kraze, podcasts, Beat2beat,…).

Product Management

I got involved in the development process of 4 digital products:

  • find amazing places to work for your team and enhance well being at work.
  • contribute to the greatest music encyclopedia and get rewarded with music products.
  • find the electronic music party that suits you the best in your city.
  • deploy your mobile apps onto your employees device in a BYOD strategy.

My help on these projects had different angles. For some, the priority is to shape the vision and the business model. For some, the priority is to think a smart and cost-efficient go-to-market. For others, what I helped enhance the user understanding, the experience or the interface. And finally, some teams had me working on the agile delivery process itself.

🎯I hope that all these products will reach their business and experience targets in 2020.
My goal is to continue working on 3 to 5 running projects, focusing on industries that I love.


I designed 3 logos for 3 beautiful environmental projects: Speaker4Earth, Coach4Earth, Business4Earth. They allow professionals to plant trees each time the work for their client. Collaboration was perfect, and projects are now starting really great.

🎯Plan for 2020 is to work a little more on design missions.
I would love to help other starting or growing business in the music or environment industry to communicate with efficient and modern materials.

Remote working

Finally, 2019 has been, for me, the discovery of the remote working world. I’ve spent 5 months working remotely from Germany 🇩🇪 (Hamburg 🥰), 1 month in France 🇫🇷 (Paris and Biarritz), a few weeks in Brazil 🇧🇷(Rio, Sao Paulo and Ilha Grande).

🎯I did it both as freelancer and fulltime team member. In 2020 I have 2 goals regarding this matter:

  • Spread the word and the best practices/tips around me. If you or your team want a feedback around that, knock here 😉
  • Continue working from the places that I love around the world 🌎

Logo design: WEFIGHT4EARTH 🌳

« Before I start this conference, I just wanted to highlight that thanks to Speaker4Earth, the community of speakers that share their revenues with ecological projects, this talk will contribute to replant 488 trees, giving our planet a fresh breath. »

« Before I start this conference, I just wanted to highlight that thanks to Speaker4Earth, the community of speakers that share their revenues with ecological projects, this talk will contribute to replant 488 trees, giving our planet a fresh breath. »

This is how a public speaker can now introduce their speech. As well as professional coaches, with Coach4Earth. As well as Social an Environmental Responsibility Managers of any kind of business, with Business4Earth. These communities commit to financing ecological associations and their projects with their regular benefits. For now, the main spotlighted partner is Reforest’Action, that has already replanted more than 4 000 000 trees.

Couverture + logo Speaker4Earth
Couverture and logotype Speaker4Earth

These communities are born under the umbrella of WEFIGHT4EARTH. It is a mother organisation created by @NicolasBeretti and his innovation lab, BrainsWatt. As the name can tell very clearly: with this company, they want to fight for our planet. First community was Speaker4Earth, launched in 2017. More recently Coach4Earth and Business4Earth. And soon other will bloom with the same intention: fighting climate change.


Back in the days, Speaker4Earth would need a visual identity to start with. I’ve worked on the design of their logo. With a basic methodology:

  • Briefing
  • Ideation to deliver drafts
  • Adjustments
  • Final delivery


Ideation mind mapping for logotype creation - step 1
Ideation phase goes fast and with no boundaries. The more ideas, the better.

After client’s briefing, comes the first ideation phase. It will give all the initial semantic materials to work later on.
Here I make room for ideas from any source of inspiration related to key words. No idea shall be set aside. The mind mapping should continue as soon as the ideas still come flawlessly. Only words and concepts here, no images or drawings yet. That usually takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Then, out of all this material, I only keep the ideas that might be visually interesting. « Nature » is way too large. « Emotions » is impossible to draw (at least for me ^^). « Fist » or Leafs » are way more operable.

Ideation mind mapping for logotype creation - step 2
Ideation mind mapping for logotype creation – step 2


I did the same work for Coach4Earth and Business4Earth. After having worked on this mind mapping, I try to put my amazing (😅) drawer talents to work and deliver a set of drawn ideas to my client.

Here’s what it looked like for Coach4Earth. Total time spent so far : 1h30/2h.

First drafts drawn sent to client for Coach4Earth
First drafts drawn sent to client for Coach4Earth

I knoooow it looks like 6 years-old drawings… And I’m always a bit embarrassed in the first place before sending this first set of drafts to my client. But delivering something after only 1h30/2h hour of work is actually highly valuable. It prevents me to head into the complete wrong direction. Besides, it also shows your client that you’ve put yourself to work right away.

On the set, I would always surround the « things » that I like – just in case my client needs a hand for the picking.

Then come the first computer assisted drafts. They’re here to confirm that the client is at ease with the first draft ideas that they’ve selected. Here’s what I delivered for Business4Earth as 2nd drafts:

You might have noticed that so far, it’s only a black&white icon. No colours and no typography. I keep them black&white on purpose to keep the choice simple on client’s side. Adding colours right away could be too much to handle and choose in between. I also avoid the typography work, so that we stay focus on the icon. It’s the core of the logotype. The part that reveals the brand’s intention and spirit, and that will be used everywhere. The icon must work on its own, without the typo.


Once the client has selected their favorite black&white icon, I add colours and typo.

Little tip here – probably already well spread amongst designers: when I run out of colour ideas, I use Colorhunt and Coloors to generate, select, and then custom colour palettes.

After the first shipment of this kind, it takes usually 1 or 2 back-and-forths to agree on a specific design and colour.


My vision of final shipment: the client should never contact me again about this logo. So I deliver every material that will be useful to them. It includes:

  • Pixel files (PNG) with the main colour palette, but also with reversed colours and black&white
  • Vector files (SVG)
  • Shape breakdown
  • Colour chart
  • Typo files

This project has a strong meaning to me. I fully support WEFIGHT4EARTH and BrainsWatt in their effort for the climate change. Gathering communities around this fight is a great idea that has an immediate impact, both on the environment, and on our minds. Hopefully, Speakers4Earth, Coach4Earth and Business4Earth will spread, grow and replicate on a lot of other industries.

Special thanks to @QuitterieLahure, @SabrinaBigot and @NicolasBeretti for this quality team work…